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Blindfold Yoga Challenge

Bring a Friend and experience collective vulnerability and trandscendental trust. We will move through a series of asanas and gentle dance movements that involve your partner/friend/new aquaintance. Our intention is to develop complete confidence in yourself...the answers always lie within. Awaken your inner compass, magnify your focus and cultivate presence as you embark in unknown territory, by truly journeying inwards.

Through this experience your ego will take a backseat as comparing yourself to others becomes impossible while approval from within is possible. With the assistance of a blindfold you will remove your dominant sense and be devoid of visual distractions. Of course you can close your eyes at any time in a regular yoga class but to eliminate the choice of opening them is a completely different matter.As much as we might not admit, yoga classes can be a space of unease for many as comparing our skill level, body type, age and flexibility is common. In day-to-day life we are bombarded with pictures on social media where worth seems to be dictated by external forces. This workshop seeks to release these bondages. 

Later Event: June 14
Friday- Cacao & Yoga